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Some Spider Pictures I took this weekend

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Superb [9/10] - Doctor Who (2005) 8x08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”

Last night I lost a follower for asking for help. Goodbye, you won’t be missed.

Anonymous → Stop whining and kill yourself already.

Sorry :/

Help me please

If anyone is bored or not busy, could you please send me a anon message or question or anything to cheer me up/ take my mind off some stuff,
Because I can feel the depression pulling me in again.

Richard should have won

But being star baker 5 times obviously isn’t good enough

Fuck You


You said I had a good body.
You said I was beautiful.
You said I was all you ever wanted.
You said I had everything,

You said I was perfect.
You said I made you want more.
You said I had great tits, a great ass,
You said you wanted more.

You said all your friends liked me.
You said they wanted to fuck me.
Like it was some kind of compliment,
You laughed right at me, when I said I wasn’t into that.

You said my body needed changing.
You said I had thunder thighs.
You wished my butt was smaller, my boobs bigger,
You wished I had bigger hips and a smaller waist.

You said your friends thought I was ugly.
You said they said that I was overweight.
You said they laughed behind my back and mocked me,
But you still told them that they could pay to fuck me.

You said I was fridged, because I wouldn’t have sex with you.
You said I was a slut, because I had sex with you.
And when I said that you raped me, you said I was too drunk to say no.
And when it happened again, it was your right as a man

You said it was an accident,
The first time you hit me.
You said it was my fault,
The second time you hit me.
'You make me so mad babe, I can't help myself'
You stopped apologising,
And I learned to hate myself.

I covered the bruises,
Learnt to live with no self-esteem.
I pretended nothing was wrong,
Learnt to keep my mouth shut.

I wished for the end to come.
Wished to die and take the pain away.
I wished you would stop hurting me.
Wished I knew what I was doing wrong.

You made me scared.
You made me hate myself.
You broke my heart.
You broke my trust in people.

It’s almost four years later now,
You call me when you’re all alone.
You left me for a girl, who left you for a guy.
You don’t see why I hate you,
You get angry when I won’t speak to you.
You think you did nothing wrong
Then you threaten to do it all again.

Well forget I’m through with you.
Fuck you and your abuse.
I’m not your victim anymore.
Fuck you.


Women of the World

Photos by Steve McCurry